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July 2015 Corvette of the Month

Dan and Cathy Quigg's Magnetic Red 2012 Coupe

Dan and Cathy Quigg

Corvette: 2012 Coupe Magnetic Red

2012 Coupe Magnetic Red

Is this your first Corvette? If not, list previous years, styles, and colors:

This is our second Corvette
Previous corvette was a C-5---2004 Machine Silver

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you?

In 1954, when I was in High School, I attended the GM Motorama. I fell in love with the first Corvette (C-1)

How did you come to acquire this Corvette?

I purchased the 2004 corvette from a friend---purposely to become a member of the River City Corvettes.

What modifications, if any, have you done to this car?


What modifications, if any, do you have planned for this car?


What do you like best about Corvettes?

Their distinct Style---Their performance---Their handling
ALSO, being a part RCCC and meeting other Corvette owners

How long have you been members of RCCC?

Since 2007

What offices have you held or runs you've put on?

We put on a run to a winery and to the Winchester Mystery house
Co-chair of several other runs

11) What do you like about RCCC?

First, we line the comradery with the other RCCC members. Secondly we enjoy the runs especially the overnight runs which give members the opportunity to socialize with other RCCC members

12) What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you? (Occupation, hobbies, family, recent vacation, etc. Feel free to add any other interesting Corvette related story.):

Recently, with other RCCC members, we travelled to Bowling Green Kentucky to the National Corvette Museum to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Museum. In addition to the Museum I had the opportunity to go on a private tour through the Corvette Assembly line. Meeting so many wonderful Corvette owners from other Clubs added to the fun.