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September 2015 Corvette of the Month

Brenda and James Mounce's 1958 Panama Yellow and
2007 Atomic Orange Convertibles

James anf Brenda Mounce

Current Corvettes: 1958 Roadster. Black top over Panama Yellow with Snowcrest coves and charcoal interior. 2007 Atomic Orange Convertible in Indy 500 paint scheme.

Is this your first Corvette? No . Also had a Black 77 Coupe and White 88 Coupe.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? Brenda wanted a 58 Corvette. Her dad bought a 56 chevey nd told Brenda she would have to wait and ger her own.

How did you come to acquire this Corvette? Put an ad in the Bee. Whatever Brenda wants, Brenda gets.

What modifications, if any, have you done to this car? the 58 was restored from the frame up.

What modifications, if any, do you have planned for this car?

What do you like best about Corvettes?
They are fun.

How long have you been members of RCCC?
33 Years this year.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on?
James has been president.. Brenda has been Treasurer 3 times. Have put on the Ft. Bragg Run many times. Raffle person many times. WSCC Rep. twice.

11) What do you like about RCCC?They became our extended family.

12) What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you?
We both have been WSCC Car Show judges. James was a Ironworker/ Inspetcor for 43 years.
Brenda was Health Care Worker for 45 years. Both retired.