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August 2012 Corvette of the Month

Bill and Mary Abbey.

1996 Velocity Yellow Coupe

Is this your first Corvette? No, we had a 1961 fi motor , both tops. Black. 1966 Blue Coupe . 1971, 454 390hp motor, White Coupe

What first attracted you to Corvettes? Drag racing @ Vacaville drag strip. I was 22 years old.

How did you come to acquire this Corvette? Dealer's Auction.

What modifications, if any, have you done to this car? Nellow corvette was white, 3 stage velocity yellow paint. convertible kit with flat deck. 2 stage Procharger supercharger. Wheels from other vette.

What modifications, if any, do you have planned for this car? Yellow corvette has a Procharger supercharger. I am running 6 lbs of pressure 400 hp.Need to modify my transmission this winter to boost it to 8lbs 450 hp.

What do you like best about Corvettes? Acceleration & handling.

How long have you been members of RCCC? A little over two years.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? None , doing a run soon.

What do you like about RCCC? The road trips. Ft. Bragg run is my favorite. With Joan going over the hill.

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you? (Occupation, hobbies, family, recent vacation, etc. Feel free to add any other interesting Corvette related story.): We love to travel with Europe and Hawaii being our favorites. We both love tennis and bike riding. Mary likes to paint and decorate our house. We like to go out on our party boat on Lake of the pines with our friends.