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April 2011 Corvette of the Month

Karen & Bill Vasile's 2009 Cyber Gray Metallic Coupe


Name: Karen and Bill Vasile

Current Corvette: 2009 Cyber Gray Metallic Coupe.

Previous Corvettes: We have had one other corvette together, a 2004 Magnetic Red Coupe. I had a 74 White Coupe.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? I’m short, I like fact that corvettes are low to the ground. I was 20 at the time.

How was this Corvette acquired? We bough this vette on the Internet. Sorry to say no local dealer had exact car I wanted.

Modifications: Just some cosmetic mods (front grille, cove grilles)

Modifications Planned: A supercharger, wide body , and Z06 spyders are planned.

What do you like best about Corvettes? The looks were really what has always attracted us to vettes.

How long have you been a member of RCC? 2 years now.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on?We have not put on any runs, but hope to in the future.

What do you like about RCC? The number one decision to join the club has always been the people, it’s honestly the best group of people we have ever met.

Other Facts: I am a trainer at Apple. Karen is a Nurse Supervisor at Kaiser. I love to woodwork, and tinker with cars, also I love computer related stuff (Apple products), we have two cats (Mac and P.C.). Karen really enjoys reading and Kung-Fu, she recently spent two weeks in Southern China on a tour of Kung-Fu schools.