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September 2011 Corvette of the Month

Jim & Mary Bartylla

Corvette: 2001 Corvette Coupe, Magnetic Red Metallic

Is this your first Corvette?
This is our 3rd Corvette. We had a 1976 Metallic Brown Coupe. Next was a 2000 Torch Red Coupe then the current car.

What first attracted you to Corvettes?
I was 16 years old in 1953 when I saw a White with Red interior 1953 Corvette drive by. A neighbor in the community where I grew up had just purchased that car brand new. It was love at first site! (Just like when I first saw Mary which happened the same year!)
It took us 24 years to buy our first Corvette which was the 1976 Vette. We bought it in 1977 with 10,000 actual miles on it from a Navy pilot who was stationed a Moffit Field in San Jose, CA. The car had 90,000 miles on it when we sold it after 7 years for $350.00 more then we paid for it.

How did you come to acquire this Corvette?
We purchased the 2000 Torch red coupe and took delivery of it at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY in May of 2000.
That car had a bad engine so I negotiated a deal with General Motors. They took back the 2000 and delivered the 2001 Mag Red Car that we now have. We paid $5,400 to GM which covered 15,000 miles and 11 months use of the 2000 car and the other half of the $5,400 was for upgrades on the 2001 car.

What modifications, if any, have you done to this car?
1. I installed a low temperature thermostat and a radiator fan control that turns on the fans at a lower temperature then the factory setting.
2. I replaced the factory painted 2000 wheels with Chrome plated 2000 wheels.
3. I added chrome tail light trim, large chrome plated oval exhaust tips, a chrome exhaust plate and chrome Corvette lettering on front and rear.
4. I modified the exhaust system.
5. The car has it's 3rd set of tires on it now and they are Michelin Pilot Sport All weather

What modifications, if any, do you have planned for this car?
None except possibly a new paint job.

What do you like best about Corvettes?
The American patriotism represented by owning a Corvette, the styling, the power, the handling and the
great gas mileage and most of all, only 2 can fit inside of it!!

How long have you been members of RCCC?
In this coming January 2012, we will have been members for 10 years.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on?
Partnered with Gary Smith to sponsor two runs to Pismo Beach.
Personally put on two 1-day runs. One to Clear Lake and one to Lake Almanor
I was a call around person for about 5 years.

What do you like about RCCC?
Above all, we like the great people in the club & we like the runs.

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you?
We have two kids who both have Magnetic Red C-5s. So, we are a totally Magnetic Red Family!!!
Our 54 year old daughter Deb & her husband Bruce bought their 2004 Coupe from Jim & Rosie Bjornsen and they live in Scottsdale.
Our 52 year old son Gregg bought a 2000 Magnetic Red Roadster with 18,000 miles on it about a year and a-half ago and he lives in San Jose.
Mary and I have been married for 55 1/2 years and we have 5 grand kids and 5 great grand kids.
The great grand kids ages are 2 months, 1-1/2 years, 2 years, 8 years and 16 years old!
We moved to California from Minnesota as a result of Jim's job transfer in 1974.
Mary retired from Verizon Phone Company after 15 years as an install and repair service dispatcher.
She had several office positions over about 10 years before Verizon.
Mary attended Junior College in California and has a certificate in Accounting.
Jim retired 11 years ago after working for 7 different corporations over 40 years.
He held a variety of positions including: Industrial equipment and structural design engineer, industrial equipment sales executive and several top management positions including Vice President of Engineering & Sales.
Jim attended the University of Minnesota and community colleges in both Minnesota & California.
Jim's hobbies are tinkering and servicing our 3 cars and being involved in the Corvette lifestyle and some limited community service.
Jim also does house projects including building cabinets, moving doorways and general maintenance.
Mary's hobbies are limited service to the community where we live, walking, reading, riding in our Corvette, going on trips and snap shot photography.
On May 15, 2011 we went on a 26 day road trip to Alaska in our 2000 Ford Ranger pickup and drove 7,316 miles.
Our 2001 Corvette has 86,000 miles on it's odometer. Those miles represent many trips in Canada, all over the Western USA, all over the Rocky Mountains in both USA & Canada, back to Minnesota and Upper Peninsula of Michigan.