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February 2010 Corvette of the Month

Dan and Catherine Quigg's 2004 Machine Silver Coupe

Name: Dan and Catherine Quigg.

Current Corvettes: 2004 Machine Silver Coupe.

Previous Corvettes: First one.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you?  GM Autorama in 1956--I was 16 years old and 50 years later I own one!

How was this Corvette acquired? Purchased it from a friend--her loss and my gain.

Modifications: Not much is needed to improve this Vette----added minor chrome trim-----Love it like this .

Modifications Planned: None

What do you like best about Corvettes? The style and the speed.

How long have you been a member of RCC?  2-3 years.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? I have not held an office. I have co-chaired 2 runs to Napa Valley and I have helped on other runs.

What do you like about RCC? The members, the events and our common love for Vettes.

Other Facts: Dan grew up in San Francisco and served his country in the US Army with his friend Rick Sutter. Dan has served in public office for over a quarter of a century. Loves every minute including the campaigning that his wife dreads--He is a member of the local Lions Club for the same amount of time. Spent many happy times water skiing at Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa--Later on it was cruising the Lake on the Party boat with a glass of wine with many wonderful friends. Recent trip over holidays to visit with family in St Paul MN --returned home prior to below -0- temperatures in MN.