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September 2009 Corvette of the Month

Kathy Rogers and Monte Posey's 2002 Speedway White Coupe

Name: Kathy Rogers and Monte Posey

Corvette: 2002 Speedway White Coupe

Previous Corvettes: First Corvette!

What first attracted you to corvettes? Cannot remember a time when I didn't want a Corvette. As a single-parent, whenever my kids asked what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always said "a corvette and a spa". Now I have both. Neither one given to me by my kids!

How did you come to acquire this one? It was a rainy weekend in March and I was sick but I was going to have to replace the engine in the Explorer or get a new car. Getting a new car was easier. I had researched the Chrysler 300 with the hemi and went to test drive one. I tested different models in the rain, and was speaking to the salesperson about exactly what model and options I wanted. He left to assist a couple buying a used car. I was standing in the rain wondering why it was difficult to get someone to take me seriously about buying a car and then thinking, "why am I not looking at Corvettes"?

Working at Kaiser, I passed Mike Daughtery's Chevrolet lot everyday for 21 years...always thinking the same thing...."some day". Well, today was that day. I got the Corvette I had always wanted, but being sick, instead of having fun driving it the day of purchase, I went home and straight to bed (after first pulling the Vette in the garage and wiping the rain off!). I did receive a phone call later that afternoon from the Chrysler dealer about ordering my Chrysler and I told him, "Too late. I have a Corvette in my garage"!

What modifications were done to this car? Totally stock.

What modifications are planned for this car? None.

What do you like best about corvettes? Monte says "speed" (took me quite a while to get him to get behind the wheel...he considers it "my car"). But for me, it's the sleek beauty, speed and heads turning to look at the line of Corvettes on a run!

How long have you been members of RCC? Kathy since May of 2005. Monte was "grandfathered" in after we were married on December 31, 2006.

What do you like about RCC? The characters!

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you?  Monte likes flying (now is getting his private pilot's license), travel, sports (surprise!), travelling to watch sports, astronomy, physics, fishing, and was a college football player. In the second half of his life he would like to change occupations to teach flying. We want to move to have a landing strip in our backyard.

Kathy likes to travel, sports (surprise!), travelling to watch sports, cooking, enjoy competing in sabre fencing, kayaking, and was a college homecoming princess. In the second half of my life I would like to attend the Culinary Institute of America just for fun.