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April 2009 Corvette of the Month

Kerry and Kathy Greene – 1996 Bright Aqua Metallic Coupe

Name: Kerry and Kathy Greene

Current Corvette: 1996 Bright Aqua Metallic Coupe

Previous Corvettes: First Corvette. Next Corvette planned for May 2010.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you?  I have always wanted one since being very young. I used to love sitting in my cousin's 56.

How did you come to acquire this Corvette? The blue book website.

What modifications have you done to this car?  None.

Modifications Planned: None.

What do you like best about Corvettes? Style, handling, and power.

How long have you been a member of RCC? 3 years

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? None yet.

What do you like about RCC?  The people and social life.

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you? Played in a rock group in the 60's and still play on occasion.  Went on the dating game twice. 4 kids and 9 granchildren.