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August 2009 Corvette of the Month

Craig & Dianne Burnett's 2005 Monterey Red Coupe

Name: Craig & Dianne Burnett

Corvette: 2005 Monterey Red Coupe

Previous Corvettes: First Corvette was a used, maroon 1989 coupe that we bought when I retired from McClellan AFB in May 1998.  After several years, the paint had oxidized so badly that I had it repainted a gorgeous Millennium Yellow.

What first attracted you to corvettes? Our neighbor had a black 1957 Vette when I was in High School - I guess I was about 16 years old and remember watching him zoom away in his shiny black Vette. Then jumped into my ’55 Oldsmobile. The closest thing that I owned prior to my ’89 Vette was a Corvair. :-)  I’ve owned 3 Corvairs over the years – they aren’t quite as fast as my Vettes.

How did you come to acquire this one? We traded in our 1989 Vette in February 2006.  The ’89 had about 125K miles on it, but it looked great!!  Loved that Yellow Color!

What modifications were done to this car? Wash & waxed

What modifications are planned for this car? Continue washing & waxing, and maybe a set of chrome Z-06 rims.

What do you like best about corvettes? Fun to drive, and compared to our old C-4, the C-6 is so quiet and scary powerful!!!

How long have you been members of RCC? We joined in 1998 soon after purchasing our ’89.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on?  We’ve helped with a few raffles and provided decorations for the Halloween party and Valentine’s Dance. My wife collects lots of decorations for parties!

What do you like about RCC? We’ve made some great friends. The runs are great and all the holiday parties are so much fun to attend. Again, the people in the club are great.

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you?  I met my future wife, Dianne, at Folsom Prison!!! Actually, both our fathers worked at the prison and we both lived in prison family housing. We met in 1961 at her parent’s house on New Years Day to watch the Rose Parade on her folks new color TV. Our best friends, Tom & Patty Doherty’s parents also worked at Folsom Prison. Dianne has known Patty since Kindergarten and I’ve known Tom since I moved to Folsom Prison in 1959!!

Our oldest son, Jeff and his wife Melissa live across the street from us and they have given us 3 precious grandsons, Ayden 9 1/2, Cael almost 5, and Graye almost 2 years old! Plus Jeff and his first wife have a son Zane who’ll soon be 15 years old.

Our other son Gary lives in Citrus Heights with his fiancée Chandra. They have a daughter, Maalaea who’s 12 years old. Being the only granddaughter in the family she’s the “Princess”. She loves to go shopping with her Nana.