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February 2008 Corvette of the Month

Ralph and Dodie Pockress' 1998 Pewter Convertible

Name: Ralph and Dodie Pockress (It's really Dodie's car)

Current Corvettes: 1998 Pewter Convertible

Previous Corvettes: Yes, we are virgin owners

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? I have always loved the sleek look of the "top down" convertible and that throaty sound of the engine. It just makes my (Dodie) heart skip a beat!!! THE WHEN? The first time I ever saw a Vette in 1958!!! HOW OLD? A lady never tells her age!

How did you come to acquire this Corvette? Wild women's mid life crisis!!
What modifications have you done to this car? We've only had the car lifted back to original factory specs for better handling and ride. We are the third owners and all the modifications were done by previous owners.

Modifications Planned: Maybe have it Dyna Tuned.

What do you like best about Corvettes? They are FAST and LOUD and handles soooo well whether you're on the highway or on the curvy country road winding through the foothills on the way to the wineries. (Ralphie finally loves my corvette!)

How long have you been a member of RCC? Since 2006

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? We are the cake people. We are planning a run to Ashland, OR to the Lithia Springs Resort and Gardens in May with side trips to Crater Lake, shopping, wineries, shopping, local art galleries and shopping.

What do you like about RCC? Definitely the people. It's a great bunch. We are just having a wonderful fun time being in the club.

What other interesting facts might others enjoy knowing about you? Ralph's first car was what he liked to call his "Baby Vette". It was a 1964 Red Saab with a 2 cycle, 3 cylinder engine. It ran on oil and gas mixture. It had front wheel drive and the tires were bigger in the front and smaller in the rear. The muffler had a hole and the car sounded and looked like nothing else on the road! It attracted other drivers that thought it was something hot and wanted to see what was under the hood. All racers were taken on!!!