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August 2006 Corvette of the Month

Jim and Mary Bartylla's 2001 Magnetic Red Coupe

Name: Jim and Mary Bartylla

Current Corvettes: 2001 Magnetic Red Coupe

Previous Corvettes: We are on our third Corvette.
Vette #1: 1976 "Mag". Dark Brown Metalic Coupe. It was one of the best cars I have ever had, zero warranty problems and no repairs in 89,000 miles other that normal wear parts over the 8 years we had that car.

Vette #2: Was a Torch Red 2000 Coupe. Owned it for 11 months. In the first 8 months of ownership, I made 13 trips to the dealer ship for warranty repairs including one new engine. Chevy bought the car back and replaced it with the 2001.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? I was 40 years old when I bought the '76 and was in my "mid life crisis" and needed a Vette. I wouldn't consider any other sports car because the Vettes are "born in the USA". So far, I only drive Detroit Iron.

How did you come to acquire this Corvette? Chevy replaced the 2000 with the 2001 with the assistance of our dealer in La Quinta, CA.
What modifications have you done to this car? Chrome 2000 style Vette wheels. Non run flat tires. Low temp thermostat and cooling fan switch. Modified the stock exhaust system. Added some chrome trim on both ends of the car.

Modifications Planned: None

What do you like best about Corvettes? Appearance, power, handling, made in the USA, it's a guy car, the coupe is a great touring car. We put 15,000 miles on the 2000 and have 56000 miles on the 2001.

How long have you been a member of RCC? 4 1/2 years

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? Haven't held any office. Currently am a call around person.

What do you like about RCC? Nice people, great parties, great meeting place, great runs..

Other Facts: In May 2000, Mary and I flew to Louisville, KY and went to Bowling Green KY to pick up our 2000 Vette at the National Corvette Museum then drove to the East Coast and up to Montreal Canada via 580 miles of the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway and back to California and racked up 7000 miles by the time the car was three weeks old!

Jim is a retired mechanical engineer who's career included design engineering work, factory manager, VP of Engineering, Sales and General Management of an industrial materials handling equipment manufacturer which included world travel.

Mary raised our two kids. Our daughter Deb is 49 years old and lives in Scotts Dale, AZ, Our son Gregg is 47 and lives in San Jose. We have 5 grand children and two great grand children.

After the first 14 years of marriage, Mary worked in banks and retail offices and for the phone company. She retired at age 55 with a pension which we are now spending.

Mary is from Escanaba, Michigan. Jim is from Duluth Minnesota. After graduating high school, Mary came to Duluth "looking for a husband" and Jim caught her.

On Feb. 11th, we celebrated 50 years of marriage.

We currently live in Springfield at Whitney Oaks in Rocklin. (Rog, we live in the same development where Doug and Anne Rosa lived). The Rosa's introduced us to the RCCC.

As you know, as a result of a "JD Powers & Assoc. national survey", our 2001 Mag Red Coupe was rated the prettiest Vette in all of the 50 states. Not the loudest, not the fastest but, the "prettiest"