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May 2005 Corvette of the Month

Larry & Kelley Stark's 2003 Anniversary Edition Coupe

Name: Larry and Kelley Stark

Current Corvettes: 2003 50th Anniversary Special Coupe

Previous Corvettes: 1967 Silver Stingray Coupe

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? They are Corvettes, what else do you need to attract you? The first one that I remember was my Dad's boss' son had a red and white 1957, it was a thing of beauty.

How was this Corvette acquired? Since we were married on New Years Eve - 2002, it was our wedding gift to each other!

Modifications: None.

Modifications Planned: None.

What do you like best about Corvettes?

How long have you been a member of RCC? Two years.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? Kelley has helped on the call around committee and we both help out on the raffles. We have been on numerous runs, but have not put one on yet.

What do you like about RCC? Mostly the socialization and camaraderie.

Other Facts: The only real story we have is about our license plates. We wanted plates that said Lar(heart)Kel, but decided to do without the heart and go with Lar Kel. When we received the plates, they forgot the space so we simply have Larkel, which we have adopted as the name for our car. A tradition we have started with our 7 grandkids is going birthday shopping with Grandma in the LARKEL. We're lovin it. Right after we bought the LARKEL, I was taking the middle grandson who was 10 at the time birthday shopping. As he's fiddling with the seats and the instrument panel he says sorta under his breath..."Your car is cool Grandma, but why didn't you get a Hummer?" Hummmmm.