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January 2005 Corvette of the Month

Tom & Joan Mason's 1977 Red T-Top and 2002 Magnetic Red II Coupe

Name: Tom & Joan Mason

Current Corvettes: 1977 Red T-Top and 2002 Magnetic Red II Coupe

Previous Corvettes: This is Joan's first Corvette.  Tom has owned a 1963 blue coupe, 1968 two tone red and tan roadster, and the current 1977.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? Joan was first attracted to Tom who happened to own a Corvette.  In 1997, Tom and I went to a club member's birthday party and Joan sat in a new C5.  She was hooked. We bought the 2002 in October of 2001.  Tom was attracted to the style, speed, and sound of the car.  He got hooked around 1958.

How was this Corvette acquired? Tom and I discussed replacing my old Buick with a new 2002 Corvette.  We decided to do it for our birthdays which happen to be 3 days apart.  So on September 30th, 2001 we flew to Los Angeles and the Long Beach dealer we purchased the car from picked us up at the airport.  Tom said that since it was going to be my daily driver that I should drive it off of the parking lot.  So at 7 pm on a Friday night in a car I had never driven, I got on the busiest Freeway in the world, the 405 Freeway.  Tom let me drive to the grapevine.  When we hit highway 5, he drove it home.  Of course, he carefully tested its capabilities within the limits of a new car. The 1977 was acquired in December 1989.

Modifications: I can't believe that they made a two passenger car and had only one cup holder.  So of course we added a second cup holder.  We have chrome wheels and a Jack Harris's CB mount with skids to follow. On the 1977, we have different wheels, 1979 seats, after-market radio, paint detailing on the engine, and nice color of red over the original pumpkin orange. 

Modifications Planned: Nothing planned for the 2002.  We plan for the 1977 to have a new owner.  It is for sale.

What do you like best about Corvettes? Joan likes the way it gets up and goes. She got up and went too fast in Colorado on last year's 50th Anniversary run, and has a ticket to prove it.  Tom also likes the styling.

How long have you been a member of RCC?  Tom has been a member since 1983, the First Fort Bragg run.  Joan became a member when Tom and she got together.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? For Joan:  Secretary 2001 and current.  Newspaper editor 2002.
For Tom:  Treasurer sometime in the past, Co-Chair for the 3rd Ft Bragg Run, Phone tree person.  Currently Phone Tree trunk with 11 branches. 

What do you like about RCC? The people and the runs especially the Fort Bragg Run.

Other Facts: Tom runs a Paint and Body Shop.  Tom is also into Street and Hot Rods.  He has a 1955 Buick Century we take to classic car shows.  We are working on setting up a 50 year old HO train set of the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha which ran from Milwaukee to Seattle.  His grandfather and uncle both worked on this railroad and built much of the train layout.  We are looking forward to sharing this railroad experience with our 21 month old grandson.  He likes trains and cars too.  In fact, he plays with his aunt's Barbie Corvette from the 1980s.  Joan enjoys gardening and with Tom's help is building a .75 acre park adjacent to their home.