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June 2005 Corvette of the Month

Warren Alberts' 2000 Millennium Yellow Coupe

Name:  "Dog Snot", AKA, Warren Alberts

Current Corvettes: 2000 Millennium Yellow, Coupe, Six-speed, HUD, Sport Seats

Previous Corvettes: This Corvette is my third. My first Corvette was a 1987 Yellow convertible. I loved that down on a summer night, going no where in particular and ending up at Vic's Ice Cream Shop for a late night "Lime Ricky" - Oh Man! My second Corvette is a reflection of a troubled time in my life. It was "red." Although it was a beautiful car, I was never at ease with myself for owning it. I was ashamed for being so, so common. After only several months, someone was kind enough to "relieve" me of my discomfort and guilt by buying this red Corvette. Anticipating my ill comfort with a red Corvette, I had kept the yellow convertible. It had been like "cheating" on a loved one. A loved one that remained faithful despite my lapse in judgment and good taste. When my yellow convertible reached 187,000 faithful miles, a kind and gentle man, a fellow club member and his wife, purchased my yellow sweetheart. Or, as I referred to her when I was near the California-Mexican border: "Mi bebe amarillo." My current and third Corvette is YELLOW. Although it is a beautiful (and I think, world class road car) it is not a convertible. Somehow warm summer nights are just not as magical. Convertible owners will know what I mean. Now, while at Vic's enjoying a Lime Ricky, looking out the window at my "coupe" is not quite the same as "visually" caressing a convertible.

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you? In 1963 (when I was about 14 years old), a neighbor purchased a silver split-window with a "reverberation" unit added to his radio.  How many of us have savored the ride and aroma of the interior of a brand new '63 split window while listening to the reverberated sounds of the stereo, sounding as though the music echoed from deep within the cavernous rear deck?  Also, that summer, my uncle purchased a '63 dark blue roadster.  He modified the engine for additional power and drove to California from Illinois.  To this day, if given a choice, I would be hard pressed to choose between the two styles...both beautiful cars.

How was this Corvette acquired? Good question, but one that has a maudlin response. Several years ago, I was recovering from a heart attack and heart surgery. While at home for several months, convalescing, and doing nothing, it was not difficult to talk myself into buying a new Corvette - after I "talked" myself into buying a big new television, a big new computer, a new racing road bicycle, a new hybrid bicycle and other impulsive new things. I searched the Internet for Corvettes and found mine in Salt Lake City at a great price. I was apprehensive flying there, the Corvette - sight unseen. All's well that ends well. The Corvette was like shiny new with a little less than 15,000 miles.

Modifications: I am a "stock car" kind of guy. I very much appreciate watching and listening to the guys who have modified and polished their cars for show or racing. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious and has pleasantly "infected" the club.

Modifications Planned: None.

What do you like best about Corvettes? I like the River City Corvette Club and our club's activities. When I was ill, the many cards I received urged me to get well and the many calls I received gave me encouragement to get well. I am always thankful for their support. Our club has such a diverse membership providing opportunities for an equally diverse array of activities - from Bunko (my favorite night of the year) to racing to traveling to Tahiti.

How long have you been a member of RCC?  I have lost count...probably ten years. Tom Vona encouraged me to go on runs before I joined. I must have gone on runs for the better part of a year before I joined. I remember the club's New Member Coordinator, Deon Henry. She was a sweetheart - always asking me at each run if I would like to become a member. She was so supportive when I told her that I was "saving" my money for the entry fee and dues. I felt so guilty, teasing Deon and going on runs while not a member, that I joined.

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? For several years, I "sponsored" the club's meetings and events at the McClellan AFB Officers Club - where we meet now. During that period, I was also the club's Treasurer and also "Editor" of the club's newsletter. It was a busy time. I encourage everyone to put on a run and to participate in the management of the club. I found it to be a great diversion from work and other adult responsibilities.

What do you like about RCC? The mix of people and the mix of activities. In our club are people who have traveled the world, fought wars, raised children, worried about making ends meet, decorated cakes, taught children to sing, drove cars too fast, grumble, laugh and take the club too seriously. It is a bit like an optional family - a mix of goofy friends and relatives who are always interesting and fun to visit. For me, our club is a bit like "Cheers," where everyone knows your name and everyone is pleased to see you.

Other Facts: I do not presume others would find me interesting.  Perhaps to know that I am "Dog Snot" and not my car (as the license plate seems to imply).