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August 2004 Corvette of the Month

Mike and Jan Parigini's 1994 ZR-1 and 1999 Coupe

Name: Mike & Jan Parigini

Current Corvettes: 1994 torch red ZR1 & a 1999 pewter 6-speed coupe

Previous Corvettes: 1992 red ZR1 & a 1966 big block blue convertible

What first attracted you to Corvettes? When was that or how old were you?  American made and the concept of the car (especially the ZR1).

How was this Corvette acquired? The 94 was a replacement for the 92 that was totaled when they were hit by another car in a very bad accident in August of 2000. Mike wasn't even out of the hospital when someone found almost an identical replacement for him. They got the 99 from Anderson Chevrolet in San Mateo, along with five other club members that year. It was a fun trip to pick it up. They took the train down to the Bay Area and someone picked them up and delivered them to their new car. Then they drove the fun roads home.

Modifications: On the 99 we've added the performance exhaust (we like to say "piiiiiiipes") Z06 brake cooling ducts and sway bar, drilled and slotted rotors and a fire suppression system. Both cars have a 5-point harness.

Modifications Planned: We'll probably keep the ZR1 as is -- it's already a very capable car and FUN on the track!! We'll most likely change the 99 into a C-6 in the next year or two.

What do you like best about Corvettes? It fulfills most of our Need for Speed!

How long have you been a member of RCC?  Since 1994

What offices have you held or runs you've put on? Mike was Vice President in 1998 and President in 1999. Jan was President in 2003/2004. We have done runs to the Open Road Races in Nevada, the McCloud Train Run, Loon Lake Run, In-Door Go-Cart Racing and Jan has done a Women's Run for the last three years.

What do you like about RCC? We have met some very wonderful people through the club. We also visit some very nice places in California that we might not normally go to, thanks to our members putting on runs.

Other Facts: Mike is a real train enthusiast, and particularly likes steam trains. Mike met Jan after becoming a member of RCC and they were married three years ago on the McCloud Sunset Dinner Steam Train -- a place they have taken Club Members as one of the runs they organize.

Mike started his successful concrete pumping business in 1979 and has recently expanded new operations in Reno/Sparks. Jan is semi-retired from the investment business, where she was known as the "money goddess" and hosted the Your Money talk show on Talk 650, KSTE.

Mike and Jan enjoy cars and driving fast. They have completed both three-day racing schools at the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and also have placed very well in Open Road Races in Nevada and Texas.

They became grandparents last year (by Mike's daughter, Denise) and spend as much time as they can with Toby, now 15 months. Toby loves to come over and play in the pool!